Developed in 2009, iQ is an exclusive research and planning tool offered by PML Group. Based on our long established Poster Impact research service, iQ provides invaluable and revealing new insights into the out of home medium and its audience.

iQ efficiently integrates data on over 14,200 out of home campaigns researched and over 101,650  respondents to provide key trending information and audience profiling. It acts as a key planning tool in assisting format selection, targeting core audiences when and where they socialise, work and travel, in addition to profiling your campaigns against category, socio-demographic and industry benchmarks.

Updated every two weeks with 50 new campaigns and 300 new respondents, iQ and Poster Impact are a must in planning and evaluating your out of home campaigns.

In a sentence, iQ helps match audience to formats.

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February 4, 2013


Pinpoint is a Geo-demographic mapping system which assists in planning and targeting of PML Group campaigns. Pinpoint allows us to target campaigns towards specific demographic groups, certain locations or regions, or types of businesses. For example, a confectionery brand may be interested in only using 6 sheets that are within 100 yards of cinemas in Dublin. Pinpoint also ensures that inappropriate advertising is not located close to schools, churches etc..

Pinpoint  brings added efficiency to our campaigns.

Click here for a Pinpoint Virtual Tour.

February 4, 2013


PPR is a site quality rating system created independently by PML Group to ensure we book the highest quality campaigns on the highest quality sites. It means that our campaigns all must meet a minimum level of quality in terms of a number of key criteria including visibility, location and illumination. This ensures PML Group clients are getting the best quality campaigns for their investment.


February 4, 2013
Centum Grading


Centum grading is an in-house panel who will grade your poster design in terms of a number of key criteria such as clarity, colour and branding. Recommendations are made on improvements based on our expertise in the effectiveness of poster designs on street.

This means our clients can get an expert view on the suitability of their design for the out of home environment. The result is that the design that hits the streets is the most effective and eye-catching that it can possibly be.

February 4, 2013
Poster Preview


Poster Preview allows clients to see exactly how their creative execution will look like in a real out of home environment. It means clients can be assured that when their creative hits the streets the text will be legible, the branding will be clear and logos will be visible.

February 4, 2013


As well as exclusively developing a number of our own research initiatives, PML Group  also has access to the latest industry wide research.

PML Group was a founding member of Joint National Outdoor Research (JNOR) in 2005 and we continue to sit on the technical and management committees of JNOR.

JNOR  is a key currency in the campaigns booked by PML Group, guaranteeing clients appropriate levels of coverage and frequency for their out of home investment.

February 4, 2013

Poster Audit Bureau is the division of PML Group that carries out 100% monitoring of out of home panels each and every cycle. This equates to over 20,000 advertising panels being inspected every 2 weeks. Through PAB, PML Group clients are guaranteed that every ooh panel they book will be inspected and that all is in order with their campaign. It will ensure any damages, mis-postings etc…are picked up and remedied as soon as possible, thereby protecting the investment made by our clients in the medium.

February 4, 2013
Posterwatch Photos


Part of the PAB service is to provide our clients with photographs of their campaigns on the street. Throughout the year our clients are also provided with photos of competitor campaigns, ensuring they are kept up to date with their category activity on the out of home medium as it happens.

2016 saw us introduce Posterwatch LIVE our exclusive new online service which enables clients to search, view and download OOH images from desktop or mobile. This new system enable users to access current designs and search for older designs via the Posterwatch database.

February 4, 2013
Poster Impact


PML Group is proud to be at the forefront of research into the effectiveness of out of home media in Ireland. First developed in 1996, and with fieldwork carried out by Ipsos MRBI, Poster Impact has now covered more than 14,650 campaigns among over 106,200 individual respondents.

Poster Impact provides answers to questions such as:

“Did my target audience notice my out of home campaign?”

“What did the public think of the poster design we used in our campaign?”

Every campaign booked through PML Group is followed up with research and learnings for future campaigns.

February 4, 2013


Posterwatch provides the most comprehensive information on the out of home market in Ireland. It measures the formats, weights, value and timing of every out of home campaign in Ireland, both North and South, every cycle.


February 4, 2013
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