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Christmas Ltd is back!

Christmas Unlimited 2015Pictured above is Meteor’s ‘sandman’ special build, running on JCDecaux’s Luas Column at Heuston Station

Meteor’s dastardly Christmas advertising character, Nicholas St Wenceslas, has returned this festive season.

The character, dreamed up by Rothco last Christmas for Meteor, has been renewed and refreshed after its popularity last year.

This year, the king of cutting corners has moved his headquarters to the tropical, tax-neutral Christmas Isles.

“We wanted to really bring Nicholas back with a twist. With his new location now in the tropical tax haven Christmas Isles, using those visuals will cut through the normal wintery vignettes that you see at this time of the year,” said Maeve O’Malley, director of Meteor.

Planned by Vizeum and Source out of home, the OOH element of the Christmas Ltd campaign is running on 96 and 49 Sheets, Golden Squares, Adshel, Metropole, Luas Columns, T-Sides and City Impacts.

A special build is also included in the campaign, in the form of a ‘sandman’ built on top of a Wrapped Luas Column. In true Nicholas St Wenceslas style, Christmas Ltd have cut corners with its snowman as it has been made with sand rather than snow, which is much more widely available on the Sunny Christmas Isles!

Eclipse Media installed the snowman special build.

Smirnoff We’re Open

Smirnoff We're Open Oct 2015

Smirnoff’s ‘We’re Open’ campaign has returned to OOH in time for Halloween, with a variety of clever creative included on the poster designs.

Planned by Carat and Source out of home, the OOH campaign is running on 48 and 6 Sheets, Golden Squares and dPods. The creative is very effective through its use of several clever copy lines. One copy line includes text in the Irish language (‘Oscailte? Tá’) which emphasises the Irishness of the campaign and another incorporates the upcoming spooky season (‘Halloween frights or cultured nights.’). This variety in the creative further highlights the inclusivity of Smirnoff Vodka as it positions itself as the ideal drink for every person and every occasion.

UV Specials were also used in the nationwide OOH promotion for Smirnoff, with three running in prime Dublin locations and one in Cork city. The UV posters were a strong and impactful addition to Smirnoff’s latest ‘We’re Open’ promotion, lighting up the streets in the evenings and through the night.

Bond is back


Bond is back! The MI6 agent has hit cinemas nationwide in the highly anticipated new release from Sony Pictures, Spectre.

A cryptic message from the past leads James Bond (Daniel Craig) to Mexico City and Rome, where he meets the beautiful widow (Monica Bellucci) of an infamous criminal. After infiltrating a secret meeting, 007 uncovers the existence of the sinister organisation SPECTRE. Needing the help of the daughter of an old nemesis (Léa Seydoux), he embarks on a mission to find her. As Bond ventures toward the heart of SPECTRE, he discovers a chilling connection between himself and the enemy (Christoph Waltz) he seeks.

Following on from the success of Skyfall in 2012, which was the biggest movie in the Republic of Ireland that year, Spectre is expected to be another big blockbuster for the Bond franchise.

In the build up to the film’s release on 26th October, Sony ran a strong Outdoor promotion. Formats used in the campaign include 96 Sheets, T-Sides, MegaSquares, Adshel and the Green Screen. Planned by OMD and Source out of home a light projection special also ran on Bolands Mills on Friday 23rd October.

This innovative OOH special strongly stood out to passers-by on a busy Friday night of the October bank holiday weekend, creating an added impact for Spectre’s Outdoor promotion.

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Two paws up for Purina Bakers’ new campaign

IMG_2395-APPROVED-WEBPictured left to right are Vivien Storan (Mindshare), Tara Duggan (Nestlé), Aoife Dempsey (Source out of home), Laura Hendrick (Clear Channel) and Pat Cassidy (PML Group)

Nestlé is promoting its dog food range, Purina Bakers, in cycle 19 with a vibrant and innovative OOH campaign.

Planned by Source out of home and Mindshare, Purina Bakers is running on Adshel and Adshel Wraps, Supersides and POPAds. Nestlé have also included a dispenser special in the campaign, which was installed by Eclipse Media and is running in Clontarf, targeting a popular area for dog-walkers.

The poster creative, by McCann Blue, encourages passers-by to ‘press your paw’ on the poster to receive a sample packet of Bakers Sizzlers, a bacon flavoured dog treat that contains antioxidants and vitamins to reinforce dogs’ immune systems, as well as Omega 3 & 6 oils for a luxuriant coat.

The Sizzlers were a very popular treat (among the dogs, that is!) at a photoshoot that took place this week to mark the launch of Purina Bakers’ OOH campaign, with the dogs kindly provided by the DSPCA.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your paws on doggylicious Bakers!

Diageo’s ‘We’re Open’ campaign returns to ooh

Smirnoff Red graffiti ROI & NI

Diageo’s ‘We’re Open’ campaign for Smirnoff Vodka Red is back on out of home in cycle 16, with graffiti specials running on 48 Sheets in Dublin and Belfast.

Source out of home worked with Diageo, Carat and HeadCase to emphasise the inclusivity of the Smirnoff campaign on the graffiti specials. For example, Smirnoff are running two specials in Dublin, with one located at the Bernard Shaw hoarding in Portobello. The copyline included in this design is ‘Banter on Baggot St. or Cocktails on Camden St’. Another graffiti special on a 48 Sheet on Macken Street includes the text ‘Hey Dublin! We’re Open’.

Similar to its Dublin counterparts, the graffiti special in Belfast, located on Great Victoria Street, uses the copy ‘Botanic or Cathedral Qtr’. With these location-specific designs Diageo is putting Smirnoff front of mind for potential consumers on nights out.

As well as running graffiti specials, the Smirnoff Red campaign also includes traditional 48 and 6 Sheets, Golden Squares, Green Screen, T-Sides and Commuter dPods.

Watch out for Pac-Man!


PixelsPictured bottom left is Ciara Brennan (Source out of home), Alan Daly (OMD), Pat Cassidy (PML Group) and Mark Fitzharris (OMD).

Have you spotted Pac-Man on the streets? As part of Sony Pictures Ireland’s ooh campaign in the run up to the release of Pixels, OMD and Source out of home planned an innovative ooh campaign. A 3D build of Pac-Man was installed by Eclipse media on a 96 Sheet poster on Kevin Street. Needless to say, this out of home special is turning a lot of heads!

Pixels hits Irish Cinemas on August 12th.

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Nature Valley pops up on Luas Column

L-R top left: Grainne Galvin (General Mills), Edelle O’Malley (Universal McCann), Lisa Naughton (JCDecaux) and Pat Cassidy (PML Group). Bottom Right: Fiona Kelly (Source ooh) joins Lisa Naughton and Edelle O’Malley in front of the column wrap and special build.

Nature Valley has popped up on the Luas Column in Stephen’s Green to celebrate the new Nature Valley Popcorn bars, now available in Cranberry & Yoghurt and Peanut & Sunflower Seed flavours.

Nature Valley is launching a range of Popcorn Bars to meet the needs of snackers looking for an alternative tasty treat, at home or on the go.

Planned by Universal McCann and Source out of home, a special build of the Nature Valley Popcorn bar was placed on the wrapped Luas Column. Eclipse Media produced the special build and other formats in this campaign include Luas Tram Sides and Skylines, Trolley Bays and two Mega Rears with a side wrap on Aircoach buses.

Paul White, marketing manager, Nature Valley, commented: “Snacking is becoming more and more important. In fact half of all eating occasions include snacks and this presents a huge opportunity for retailers. Our new range of Popcorn Bars is set to drive incremental snacking sales because it’s bang on-trend and meets the increasing need for delicious snacks that consumers can feel good about.”

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Hop House 13 brews up graffiti special

Hope House 13 graffiti

Diageo unveiled the latest beer from its growing brood at The Brewers Project earlier this year, Hop House 13. As part of the promotion for its newest release, Diageo are running an innovative ooh campaign, the centrepiece of which is a graffiti special on the Bernard Shaw Pub in Portobello.

Planned by Carat and Source out of home, the graffiti special was created over a few hours on Saturday 11th July. A street artist from HeadCase Marketing spray painted the Hope House 13 logo, as well as the tagline ‘Anything we dream up we get to brew up’.

Other formats included in this campaign were 48 Sheets, Golden Squares, Adshel and A1 units in pubs.

Nick Curtis Davis, head of innovations at Guinness, said “People are interested in beer again and there’s never been a more exciting time to be in beer. The craft beer revolution has washed up on Irish shores and with the launch of Hop House 13 Guinness is proud to be part of this revolution.”

Click here to view a video of the street artist at work on the Hop House 13 graffiti special.

Samsung bus shelters double up as phone chargers

samsun bus shelter

Pictured: Jeanne Coffey, Delite; Ivan Eustace, Starcom; Íde O’Brien, Samsung; Orlagh Keane, Source out of home; and Laura Noble, Clear Channel

It’s a first world problem many are familiar with – being out and about with a dwindling phone battery and nowhere to charge it up.

Last month Samsung provided the solution by turning bus shelters into phone charging units.

The electronics giant teamed up with Starcom, Source out of home, Delite and Clear Channel to install a pad within the six-sheet unit that allowed Samsung phones to be charged wirelessly, as commuters waited for their bus or passers-by took a pit stop on their journey.

The special builds were helping to mark the launch of the Samsung S6 phone.

The five ‘charging’ bus shelters were located around Dublin City and were also NFC enabled to allow the user  to obtain additional content about the phone while at the shelter.

“Including outdoor advertising in our Galaxy S6 launch was an appropriate format to communicate with our target audience. Design is a key element of the Galaxy S6, and outdoor above other media can showcase the stunning design of the product,” said Íde O’Brien, marketing manager at Samsung.

“We wanted to create excitement around the launch of the Galaxy S6 and highlight some of the key product features where possible.

“Through the specially constructed installations we emphasised the built-in support for convenient and effortless wireless charging with each build including a wireless charging pad that allows consumers to charge their Galaxy S6 while they wait! Using outdoor also allowed the consumer to interact with the builds via NFC and be in with a chance to win a Galaxy S6.”

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Smirnoff drinks to inclusivity

Smirnoff_were open

Diageo are running illuminated 48 Sheet special builds as part of Smirnoff’s new brand campaign, which centres on the theme of inclusive communities.

The We’re Open campaign launches with a series of playful out-of-home executions that focus on the idea of inclusivity, some linking to Irish culture. For example, one creative design includes the text ‘Northside, Southside, Your Side’ and another design states that ‘Labels are for bottles’. Traditional ooh formats in this campaign include Adshel, 48 Sheets, Golden Squares, A1 pub units, Metropoles, Commuter Squares and digital portrait panels in retail and commuter locations.

The 3D 48 Sheets specials are running in both the Republic and Northern Ireland. A 3D build of a Smirnoff bottle is on the 48 Sheet and over the neck of the bottle is the sign ‘We’re Open’. A cold cathode is used on the ‘We’re Open’ sign to give the poster a neon effect at night.

The illuminated special increases the impact of the already-strong Smirnoff campaign on the streets and was planned by Carat and Source out of home. 72andSunny worked on the creative and Eclipse Media installed the special builds.

Julie Bramham, marketing director for Smirnoff Western Europe, said the campaign plays on Smirnoff’s rich history of being “the vodka for everyone”.

“In the ‘We’re Open’ campaign we will embrace our democratic and inclusive character and as a brand move people to be more inclusive. This new campaign will allow us to tell and share stories in culturally relevant ways, starting with the new impactful out of home.”


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