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its4women 2 is running on OOH in cycle 11, using digital and classic formats in its Outdoor advertising. Planned by MXB and Source out of home, its4women are running on dPods, Metropoles and an Upright 48 Sheet special on Pearse Street; a high footfall area in Dublin’s city centre.

The hashtag #TimeToOwnIt is a key aspect of the campaign creative, as well as the use of women in the advert to highlight how is tailored to Irish women’s insurance needs. One of the adverts highlights how women can own great value car insurance 24/7 and that the opening hours were ‘inspired by Sarah’. Another advert states you can ‘Own it and treat yourself, with savings inspired by Jill’. This creative makes its4women’s campaign more personal to Irish women, who may be looking for their ideal insurance company that offers great saving and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

May 30, 2016
Posted in: Recent Campaigns
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