The hoax is up as Lidl shows LGFA Serious Support

Lidl_LGFA_Serious Support

Lidl has confirmed that it was behind the hoax ad campaign for a women’s-friendly sports ball called ‘the Ladyball’ and has announced it will become the Official Retail Partner to the Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA).

Ladyball gripped social media last week and the controversial ‘product’ created a much needed debate on women in sport in Ireland. Lidl said that the campaign was designed to show how female sports only need public support in order to compete with male ones.

Following on from the Ladyball reveal, Lidl are running an emotive campaign to promote its partnership with LGFA, with the tagline of the promotion stating that ‘Serious athletes deserve serious support’. The TV advert running as part of Lidl’s promotion focuses on a variety of female athletes, all of whom play GAA just like men. There is no suggestion in the ad that women are anyway weaker when it comes to playing sports; they are just as passionate about their game as men, just as much an inspiration to younger people who might hope to one day play for their county or club. The theme of the TV advert resonates on OOH, with the creative by Chemistry focusing on LGFA players, kitted out and on the pitch, ready to play their sport.

Planned by Mediaworks and Source out of home,  Lidl’s OOH campaign is running on traditional 48 Sheets and 48 Sheet Premières, Commuter Squares, Metropoles, 96 Sheets and Golden Squares.

LGFA president Marie Hickey said: “I am delighted to announce the partnership between Lidl and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association,”

“This is a very significant announcement for our sport and one that will see a huge investment in the game from a major brand. Through the “Ladyball” initiative Lidl has demonstrated their innovative and dedicated approach to supporting our sport. We hope to see everyone who spoke so passionately in women’s defence in this debate, channel that same energy into pitchside support during the coming season.”

January 21, 2016
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