Carlsberg – probably the best lager this Christmas

Carlsberg Christmas 2015

Carlsberg are running an inventive OOH campaign in the build up to Christmas. Planned by Carat and Source out of home, a variety of Outdoor specials have been incorporated into the campaign, with illumination being a key element of several innovative formats.

Illuminated 48 Sheet special builds are running across Dublin, Cork and Belfast. The Carlsberg pint is a 2D build on the posters, hailo lit from the behind, and its logo is in cold cathode. The Carlsberg hop leaf is also lit up on the creative, which is decorated around the poster so as to look like Christmas tree lights.

Carlsberg are also running 6 Sheet animated transparent screens on Adshel in two key Dublin locations. The 6 Sheet specials use dynamic content and are the first of its kind on Outdoor, as the installation has been reworked from an in-bar format and tailored to suit the Out of Home environment.

MetroGlo was also incorporated into the Metropoles that Carlsberg has included in its campaign. A combination of special poster materials used with backlit technology, MetroGlo gives certain sections of the poster added impact by appearing to glow more intensely than the remainder of the poster.

As well as innovative formats, Carlsberg are also running on traditional sites that include 48 Sheets, Adshel, Golden Squares, T-Sides and A1 units in-bar.

Eclipse Media worked on the 48 Sheet special builds, while Focal Media worked on the transparent specials on Adshel. A video of the 6 Sheet special is below:

December 8, 2015
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