LUAS Cross City campaign

LUAS Cross City Xmas

Construction works for the LUAS cross city are well underway and in the build up to Christmas, a time when Dublin City is filled with festivities and shopping, RPA are running an OOH campaign to highlight that its business as usual while the LUAS cross city works continue over the festive season.

The LUAS OOH advertising includes a very festive message, with the creative showing the merging of the Green and Red LUAS Lines in the shape of Christmas trees. An illuminated special on Macken Street was included in the campaign, with the LUAS Christmas trees lighting up the street and strengthen the message of this campaign: that Dublin City Centre is magical at Christmas.

Starcom and Source out of home worked on the media planning for the LUAS Outdoor promotion and Focus Advertising were behind the creative.

November 24, 2015
Pandora encourages you to celebrate your Christmas moments

Pandora Xmas

Pandora is running a festive OOH campaign, encouraging potential consumers to celebrate their Christmas moments with Pandora.

Planned by Mediaworks and Source out of home the Outdoor promotion for Pandora is running nationwide on a variety of formats, including 6 and 48 Sheets, Luas Columns, Commuter Squares, T-Sides, City Impact and Airport Backlits.

The posters feature Pandora’s Christmas jewellery range and posters located near Pandora stores also include the location of nearby stores on the design, highlighting to passers-by how accessible Pandora is for purchasing Christmas gifts.

November 24, 2015
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Christmas Ltd is back!

Christmas Unlimited 2015Pictured above is Meteor’s ‘sandman’ special build, running on JCDecaux’s Luas Column at Heuston Station

Meteor’s dastardly Christmas advertising character, Nicholas St Wenceslas, has returned this festive season.

The character, dreamed up by Rothco last Christmas for Meteor, has been renewed and refreshed after its popularity last year.

This year, the king of cutting corners has moved his headquarters to the tropical, tax-neutral Christmas Isles.

“We wanted to really bring Nicholas back with a twist. With his new location now in the tropical tax haven Christmas Isles, using those visuals will cut through the normal wintery vignettes that you see at this time of the year,” said Maeve O’Malley, director of Meteor.

Planned by Vizeum and Source out of home, the OOH element of the Christmas Ltd campaign is running on 96 and 49 Sheets, Golden Squares, Adshel, Metropole, Luas Columns, T-Sides and City Impacts.

A special build is also included in the campaign, in the form of a ‘sandman’ built on top of a Wrapped Luas Column. In true Nicholas St Wenceslas style, Christmas Ltd have cut corners with its snowman as it has been made with sand rather than snow, which is much more widely available on the Sunny Christmas Isles!

Eclipse Media installed the snowman special build.

November 23, 2015
National Lottery promotes Euromillions and Hampers, Sweets & Treats

National Lotter Euro & scratch card

National Lottery promoted both its Euromillions draw and festive ‘Hampers, Sweets & Treats’ scratch cards in cycle 23, by doing a reposting of the creative mid-cycle.

Planned by Starcom and Source out of home, National Lottery’s Euromillions campaign ran from 2nd November to promote the €100 million prize that was drawn for on Friday 6th of November, with Digital Portrait Panels specifically booked for the day of the draw only.

Following on from the Euromillions draw National Lottery’s campaign was re-posted from Monday 9th November and launched the return of its Christmas scratchcard, Hampers, Sweets and Treats, with brand new creative from DDFH&B, who also designed the Euromillions poster.

The Euromillions and Hampers, Sweets and Treats campaigns ran on 48 Sheets, Adshel, Europanels and Metropoles, while the creative for the Christmas scratch card ran on Adbox and Purchase Points throughout cycle 23.

November 11, 2015
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The Good Dinosaur arrives in Dublin

Good Dino Hi Res

Pixar and Disney’s latest film, The Good Dinosaur, will be released on 27th November. In the build up to the launch of the latest Disney production, OMD and Source out of home planned a strong OOH promotion.

The Outdoor campaign for The Good Dinosaur is running on Eco Cabs, Adshel, Airport Backlit and Airport Digital screens.

The Good Dinosaur is set in an alternate timeline in which Earth was never hit by an asteroid and dinosaurs never became extinct. The film tells the story of a young Apatosaurus named Arlo, who one day falls into a river and gets knocked out by a rock, finding himself far away from his home. While trying to find a way back to the Clawed-Tooth Mountains, Arlo befriends a human caveboy that he names Spot.

The OOH campaign launched on 2nd November. With Dublin Web Summit taking place this week and Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation Studios, speaking at the event, The Good Dinosaur is running on formats that are targeted to summit-goers. Branded Eco Cabs will be running at the Web Summit over the three days it is on and with thousands of people arriving into Dublin this week, the airport formats will reach a significant number of people who are attending the summit.

November 3, 2015
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