Smirnoff We’re Open

Smirnoff We're Open Oct 2015

Smirnoff’s ‘We’re Open’ campaign has returned to OOH in time for Halloween, with a variety of clever creative included on the poster designs.

Planned by Carat and Source out of home, the OOH campaign is running on 48 and 6 Sheets, Golden Squares and dPods. The creative is very effective through its use of several clever copy lines. One copy line includes text in the Irish language (‘Oscailte? Tá’) which emphasises the Irishness of the campaign and another incorporates the upcoming spooky season (‘Halloween frights or cultured nights.’). This variety in the creative further highlights the inclusivity of Smirnoff Vodka as it positions itself as the ideal drink for every person and every occasion.

UV Specials were also used in the nationwide OOH promotion for Smirnoff, with three running in prime Dublin locations and one in Cork city. The UV posters were a strong and impactful addition to Smirnoff’s latest ‘We’re Open’ promotion, lighting up the streets in the evenings and through the night.

October 27, 2015
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