eircom rebrands to eir


eircom has today launched its rebrand campaign on out of home. The company’s new name, eir, was announced today as it rebrands its services.

The rebrand has been supported by strong outdoor activations, with a tease and reveal campaign running in cycle 19. Planned by Vizeum and Source out of home, the OOH campaign is running on Commuter Squares, Luas Columns, 6 and 48 Sheets and special banners.

The creative by DDFH&B includes a variety of images of people outdoors and in their homes, with the only text on the ads being such copy lines as ‘We are TV’, ‘We are Broadband’ and ‘We are 4G’, conveying the idea that eir is the ideal broadband telecommunications company, allowing customers access to broadband, 4G, etc. anywhere, anytime.

Following the official announcement that eircom has rebranded to eir, the outdoor campaign was today reposted to include the name ‘eir’ on poster designs.

Its chief executive, Richard Moat, said the “imminent” name change was part of a plan to reposition eir’s offering as “more contemporary”.

“The decision to launch a new brand underlines the extent to which the company has evolved our commitment to Ireland and our ambition for the future,” he said.

September 16, 2015
Posted in: Recent Campaigns
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