58% of Dubliners consume soft drinks at least once a week – PML Group Focus research

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Out of home specialist company PML Group recently commissioned a deep dive piece of research into the soft drink sector. It is the latest in their Focus research series in association with Ipsos MRBI.

The research looked at a range of aspects of the soft drinks market including consumption and purchasing habits, advertising and sponsorship, brand attributes, what influences the brand choices of consumers and the importance of health considerations in driving decision making.

Consumption of soft drinks is high among the Dublin sample (300 16-54 year olds), with almost 6 in 10 consuming soft drinks at least once a week. This is highest among males at 63% and 16-24 year olds at 65%. Coca Cola is the brand most people consume more than once a month. Buying individual cans is the most popular method of consuming drinks and supermarkets are by far the most popular outlets for purchasing.

When it comes to advertising, over 25% of respondents said that the quality of a brand’s advertising would definitely influence their product choice. Again this figure was higher among males (28%) and 16-24s (39%). 48% of the group were aware of Coke Zero’s sponsorship of the Dublin Bikes Scheme.

7UP is seen as the most refreshing of the soft drinks on the market while Coca Cola scored highest for being cool/trendy. Interestingly, 26% of Dubliners believe Lucozade is an Irish brand while 17% believe the same of 7UP.

The research highlights the growing importance of low sugar/sugar free content for Dublin consumers. More than one in three surveyed say they would choose a diet or light version of a drink before the regular version and this figure is over 50% among the 45+ age group. However, sugar content still ranks behind taste and price when it comes to factors that influence a consumer’s brand choice.

Commenting on the research, Colum Harmon, marketing director at PML Group said “With so much choice available to consumers in the market and new challenges to soft drink producers emerging, this research gives advertisers in the sector an up to date feel for the attitudes and opinions of Dubliners towards their brands. It contains interesting and surprising insights that we would be happy to share.”

A full presentation on the Focus Soft Drinks research is available from PML Group.

August 26, 2015
Posted in: Research
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