Diageo’s ‘We’re Open’ campaign returns to ooh

Smirnoff Red graffiti ROI & NI

Diageo’s ‘We’re Open’ campaign for Smirnoff Vodka Red is back on out of home in cycle 16, with graffiti specials running on 48 Sheets in Dublin and Belfast.

Source out of home worked with Diageo, Carat and HeadCase to emphasise the inclusivity of the Smirnoff campaign on the graffiti specials. For example, Smirnoff are running two specials in Dublin, with one located at the Bernard Shaw hoarding in Portobello. The copyline included in this design is ‘Banter on Baggot St. or Cocktails on Camden St’. Another graffiti special on a 48 Sheet on Macken Street includes the text ‘Hey Dublin! We’re Open’.

Similar to its Dublin counterparts, the graffiti special in Belfast, located on Great Victoria Street, uses the copy ‘Botanic or Cathedral Qtr’. With these location-specific designs Diageo is putting Smirnoff front of mind for potential consumers on nights out.

As well as running graffiti specials, the Smirnoff Red campaign also includes traditional 48 and 6 Sheets, Golden Squares, Green Screen, T-Sides and Commuter dPods.

August 4, 2015
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