It’s a jungle out there! IKEA goes wild in latest campaign

Ikea_jungleClick on the image to view IKEA’s new TV advert

IKEA has released “Monkeys”, an advertising campaign showing a troop of monkeys playing around in an IKEA METOD kitchen. Shot at the Jaguar Rescue Centre in Costa Rica, the film shows Howler, Spider and Capuchin monkeys turning a kitchen into their jungle playground. Water is poured, milk is drunk and bananas are discovered in the fridge. However when a coffee cup drops to the ground and breaks, the action is paused and rewound. The commercial is the latest instalment in the Wonderful Everyday campaign.

The IKEA Monkeys campaign was launched on July 11th in the UK and Ireland with a 60 second TV commercial, followed by a cluster of print, digital and outdoor executions.

Planned by Vizeum and Source out of home, the outdoor element of the campaign launched on July 27th and includes Metropoles, Commuter dPods, Transvision, Commuter Squares, 48 Sheets and Adshel. The creative by Mother London corresponds with the TV advert, showing the monkeys in an IKEA kitchen in the jungle.

Peter Wright, IKEA UK and Ireland Marketing Manager, said, “Lots of people think of cooking as a chore, so we want this campaign to encourage people to abandon those feelings and rediscover the joy of cooking, with partners, families, parents or friends. It is all too easy to think of just the eating as the enjoyable part, but at IKEA we see things differently. We know there’s fun to be had for all the family in the kitchen and we hope these cheeky monkeys will help people experience that for themselves.”

July 28, 2015
Posted in: Recent Campaigns
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