PML Group promote ooh as the perfect summer medium

#Getooh montage 3Pictured: Amy Burke, Marketing Executive at PML Group and competition winner Leigh Cunningham, Account Manager at Havas Media

Our summer campaign launched on out of home in cycle 14 and included a variety of colourful designs that centre on the theme ‘Summer and out of home go together like…’

The aim of the campaign is to promote ooh as the ideal advertising medium during the summer months and the creative uses a series of examples that builds positive links between outdoor advertising and summer, such as ‘Summer and out of home go together like strawberries and cream’.

As part of the campaign, PML Group encouraged agencies to enter a competition by suggesting what combinations go together as well as summer and out of home do, with the best suggestion winning tickets to a top music festival.

The winning entry was from Leigh Cunningham, Account Manager at Havas Media, who suggested that summer and ooh go together like ‘teddy bears and picnics’. The winning entry ran on digital ooh formats as part of our multi-format campaign, which also includes T-Sides, 48 and 6 Sheets, Adtalk, Commuter Squares, Metropoles and Commuter Cards.

“We are delighted with how the PML Group competition has performed as part of our summer campaign”, said Amy Burke, Marketing Executive at PML Group. “Out of home is the perfect advertising medium with so many people out and about during the summer months and we wanted to emphasise this in our campaign while simultaneously incorporating a fun summer vibe. This was definitely achieved through our competition and we received a huge number of great entries, as well as through our own summer themed combinations which can be seen on the streets over the next few weeks. “

Burke went on to comment “Our belief that ooh should be a key part of summer advertising campaigns was re-enforced by research we carried out in May which suggested that spending time outdoors and enjoying the weather were among the things Dubliners were looking forward to most about summer.”

July 14, 2015
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