Watch out for Pac-Man!


PixelsPictured bottom left is Ciara Brennan (Source out of home), Alan Daly (OMD), Pat Cassidy (PML Group) and Mark Fitzharris (OMD).

Have you spotted Pac-Man on the streets? As part of Sony Pictures Ireland’s ooh campaign in the run up to the release of Pixels, OMD and Source out of home planned an innovative ooh campaign. A 3D build of Pac-Man was installed by Eclipse media on a 96 Sheet poster on Kevin Street. Needless to say, this out of home special is turning a lot of heads!

Pixels hits Irish Cinemas on August 12th.

July 31, 2015
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Nature Valley pops up on Luas Column

L-R top left: Grainne Galvin (General Mills), Edelle O’Malley (Universal McCann), Lisa Naughton (JCDecaux) and Pat Cassidy (PML Group). Bottom Right: Fiona Kelly (Source ooh) joins Lisa Naughton and Edelle O’Malley in front of the column wrap and special build.

Nature Valley has popped up on the Luas Column in Stephen’s Green to celebrate the new Nature Valley Popcorn bars, now available in Cranberry & Yoghurt and Peanut & Sunflower Seed flavours.

Nature Valley is launching a range of Popcorn Bars to meet the needs of snackers looking for an alternative tasty treat, at home or on the go.

Planned by Universal McCann and Source out of home, a special build of the Nature Valley Popcorn bar was placed on the wrapped Luas Column. Eclipse Media produced the special build and other formats in this campaign include Luas Tram Sides and Skylines, Trolley Bays and two Mega Rears with a side wrap on Aircoach buses.

Paul White, marketing manager, Nature Valley, commented: “Snacking is becoming more and more important. In fact half of all eating occasions include snacks and this presents a huge opportunity for retailers. Our new range of Popcorn Bars is set to drive incremental snacking sales because it’s bang on-trend and meets the increasing need for delicious snacks that consumers can feel good about.”

July 31, 2015
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It’s a jungle out there! IKEA goes wild in latest campaign

Ikea_jungleClick on the image to view IKEA’s new TV advert

IKEA has released “Monkeys”, an advertising campaign showing a troop of monkeys playing around in an IKEA METOD kitchen. Shot at the Jaguar Rescue Centre in Costa Rica, the film shows Howler, Spider and Capuchin monkeys turning a kitchen into their jungle playground. Water is poured, milk is drunk and bananas are discovered in the fridge. However when a coffee cup drops to the ground and breaks, the action is paused and rewound. The commercial is the latest instalment in the Wonderful Everyday campaign.

The IKEA Monkeys campaign was launched on July 11th in the UK and Ireland with a 60 second TV commercial, followed by a cluster of print, digital and outdoor executions.

Planned by Vizeum and Source out of home, the outdoor element of the campaign launched on July 27th and includes Metropoles, Commuter dPods, Transvision, Commuter Squares, 48 Sheets and Adshel. The creative by Mother London corresponds with the TV advert, showing the monkeys in an IKEA kitchen in the jungle.

Peter Wright, IKEA UK and Ireland Marketing Manager, said, “Lots of people think of cooking as a chore, so we want this campaign to encourage people to abandon those feelings and rediscover the joy of cooking, with partners, families, parents or friends. It is all too easy to think of just the eating as the enjoyable part, but at IKEA we see things differently. We know there’s fun to be had for all the family in the kitchen and we hope these cheeky monkeys will help people experience that for themselves.”

July 28, 2015
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Hop House 13 brews up graffiti special

Hope House 13 graffiti

Diageo unveiled the latest beer from its growing brood at The Brewers Project earlier this year, Hop House 13. As part of the promotion for its newest release, Diageo are running an innovative ooh campaign, the centrepiece of which is a graffiti special on the Bernard Shaw Pub in Portobello.

Planned by Carat and Source out of home, the graffiti special was created over a few hours on Saturday 11th July. A street artist from HeadCase Marketing spray painted the Hope House 13 logo, as well as the tagline ‘Anything we dream up we get to brew up’.

Other formats included in this campaign were 48 Sheets, Golden Squares, Adshel and A1 units in pubs.

Nick Curtis Davis, head of innovations at Guinness, said “People are interested in beer again and there’s never been a more exciting time to be in beer. The craft beer revolution has washed up on Irish shores and with the launch of Hop House 13 Guinness is proud to be part of this revolution.”

Click here to view a video of the street artist at work on the Hop House 13 graffiti special.

July 15, 2015
PML Group promote ooh as the perfect summer medium

#Getooh montage 3Pictured: Amy Burke, Marketing Executive at PML Group and competition winner Leigh Cunningham, Account Manager at Havas Media

Our summer campaign launched on out of home in cycle 14 and included a variety of colourful designs that centre on the theme ‘Summer and out of home go together like…’

The aim of the campaign is to promote ooh as the ideal advertising medium during the summer months and the creative uses a series of examples that builds positive links between outdoor advertising and summer, such as ‘Summer and out of home go together like strawberries and cream’.

As part of the campaign, PML Group encouraged agencies to enter a competition by suggesting what combinations go together as well as summer and out of home do, with the best suggestion winning tickets to a top music festival.

The winning entry was from Leigh Cunningham, Account Manager at Havas Media, who suggested that summer and ooh go together like ‘teddy bears and picnics’. The winning entry ran on digital ooh formats as part of our multi-format campaign, which also includes T-Sides, 48 and 6 Sheets, Adtalk, Commuter Squares, Metropoles and Commuter Cards.

“We are delighted with how the PML Group competition has performed as part of our summer campaign”, said Amy Burke, Marketing Executive at PML Group. “Out of home is the perfect advertising medium with so many people out and about during the summer months and we wanted to emphasise this in our campaign while simultaneously incorporating a fun summer vibe. This was definitely achieved through our competition and we received a huge number of great entries, as well as through our own summer themed combinations which can be seen on the streets over the next few weeks. “

Burke went on to comment “Our belief that ooh should be a key part of summer advertising campaigns was re-enforced by research we carried out in May which suggested that spending time outdoors and enjoying the weather were among the things Dubliners were looking forward to most about summer.”

July 14, 2015
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