Smirnoff drinks to inclusivity

Smirnoff_were open

Diageo are running illuminated 48 Sheet special builds as part of Smirnoff’s new brand campaign, which centres on the theme of inclusive communities.

The We’re Open campaign launches with a series of playful out-of-home executions that focus on the idea of inclusivity, some linking to Irish culture. For example, one creative design includes the text ‘Northside, Southside, Your Side’ and another design states that ‘Labels are for bottles’. Traditional ooh formats in this campaign include Adshel, 48 Sheets, Golden Squares, A1 pub units, Metropoles, Commuter Squares and digital portrait panels in retail and commuter locations.

The 3D 48 Sheets specials are running in both the Republic and Northern Ireland. A 3D build of a Smirnoff bottle is on the 48 Sheet and over the neck of the bottle is the sign ‘We’re Open’. A cold cathode is used on the ‘We’re Open’ sign to give the poster a neon effect at night.

The illuminated special increases the impact of the already-strong Smirnoff campaign on the streets and was planned by Carat and Source out of home. 72andSunny worked on the creative and Eclipse Media installed the special builds.

Julie Bramham, marketing director for Smirnoff Western Europe, said the campaign plays on Smirnoff’s rich history of being “the vodka for everyone”.

“In the ‘We’re Open’ campaign we will embrace our democratic and inclusive character and as a brand move people to be more inclusive. This new campaign will allow us to tell and share stories in culturally relevant ways, starting with the new impactful out of home.”


May 12, 2015
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