Ikea celebrates the Joy of Storage


Ikea’s current outdoor campaign is all about the ‘joy’ of storage, and includes innovative specials to that strengthens the ooh advertising’s impact on the streets.

‘The Joy of Storage’ celebrates the difference great storage makes. Following from the witty storage TV advert that launched in January, Vizeum and Source out of home have planned a strong outdoor campaign running on Adshel and bus shelter wraps, Metropanels, as well as 3D special builds on Golden Squares and 48 Sheets.

On the 3D billboards the creative, by Mother London, shows clothes and books ‘flying’ into Ikea storage space, showing potential consumers a different way to think about the usually mundane task of storing clothes and household items. The creative in this campaign also reveals the ideal solution to peoples’ storage problems: shopping at Ikea.

“Storage has long been a very functional part of home improvements, but at Ikea we see things differently. Whether you have a detached house in the country or a one-bed flat in town, we know that there is joy and satisfaction in giving the things you love a home, whatever your storage needs are,” said Peter Wright, Ikea UK and Ireland marketing manager.

“‘The Joy of Storage’ is about the time saved and the stress reduced when you have things easily to hand, stored out of sight, or the freedom you get when things are in order.”

February 25, 2015
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