EBS Mortgages tailors ooh to suit its surroundings


In November 2014 EBS Mortgages ran an extensive outdoor campaign to promote the flexibility of its mortgage appointments for customers. EBS is continuing to promote this message in 2015 through strategic placement of outdoor advertising, combined with sharp creative that allows EBS Mortgages to really fit in with its advertisements’ surroundings.

Planned by Starcom and Source out of home, EBS Mortgages are running on a variety of ooh formats in gyms, cinemas and on shop fronts in Dublin city centre. The creative from Irish International is designed to adapt to each environment and emphasise the fact that EBS will arrange mortgage appointments at any time that suits its potential customers, rather than the usual ‘nine to five’ hours.

For example, in gyms EBS are running on A1s as well as ambient formats and used such copy lines as: ‘We’ll meet at a time that suits you. So you can still do that work out.’; ‘We Work Out – side of office hours’; and ‘Our time is more flexible than a yoga teacher’.

EBS Mortgages ran similar targeted ooh on Street Skins on shop fronts during their closed hours highlighting how EBS Mortgages’ work isn’t done even when the standard business day is. The campaign is also running in cinemas where the creative poses questions to passers-by, asking if they saw something they really liked or wanted to see the ‘big picture’, while further emphasising that EBS is there for customers whenever they want to talk about getting a mortgage.

This clever use of ooh allows EBS to target potential consumers at any time and makes the audience very aware that EBS Mortgages has its customers’ busy lifestyle in mind when they are looking to buy a mortgage.

Rhoda McDonagh, Marketing Manager at EBS, said “We’re delighted to announce a media first for EBS, securing the rights to advertise in some of Ireland’s top gyms and fitness clubs, but not in the way you’d expect. We have branded all warm-up and Yoga mats in each of the sites selected, as well as specially designed decals on the main mirrors throughout the exercise floor. These outlets are heavily biased towards first time buyers in terms of membership age profile and the fit with the EBS brand is obvious. It is an imaginative and different way to connect with our target audience and to show them what the EBS offering is about, as opposed to telling them. We’ll be playing on the flexibility theme with our material, guaranteed to raise a smile from the thousands who pass through the turnstiles every week. No other organisation has ever used gym locations in this way, so we’re very pleased to deliver this first for the EBS brand.”

February 23, 2015
Posted in: Recent Campaigns
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