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September 16, 2014
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Colaaaaaarr matey! Captain Morgan sails onto ooh

Captain Morgan

In the latest out of home advertising campaign for Captain Morgan, Diageo are promoting Captain Morgan and ‘Colaaaaaarr’ and encouraging consumers to ‘order like the Captain’.

Cola is a widely used accompaniment to the popular rum drink and Captain Morgan have promoted this mixture on a variety of outdoor formats, including 48 Sheets, Golden Squares, CommuterPoints, Metropanels, Luas Straplines and Transvision Screens at rail stations.

The pirate-theme associated with Captain Morgan is clearly present in the creative in this campaign, through such copylines as ‘Colaaaaaarr’, which is emphasised on a 48 Sheet illumination special; plus a photo of Captain Morgan on a Golden Square poster, sharing a Captain Morgan and Cola with his Dublin crewmates.

Carat and Source out of home worked on the planning for this campaign.

September 12, 2014
Nature Valley’s Oats & Honey

Nature Valley

General Mills recently used a variety of outdoor formats to promote Nature Valley’s Oats & Honey bar. The granola bars combine real honey and rolled oats, to produce a sweet, wholesome snack.

Advertised as a healthy snack that can be eaten anytime, anywhere, main shoppers and commuters were key target audiences for this product. Outdoor advertising formats used in this campaign included Pop Ads, Store Points, T-Sides and Floor Graphics were also used in supermarkets.

This campaign was planned by Universal McCann and Source out of home.

September 10, 2014
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Energia promote home energy savings on out of home


Energia, Ireland’s greenest home energy provider, promoted the extension of their duel fuel offer on ooh advertising in cycle 18.

The fuel offer from Energia guarantees households savings of up to 18% off their gas and electricity standard rates. It is the cheapest dual fuel deal available and Energia is the only energy provider to offer this level of discount for dual fuel switchers. Responding to strong demand among Irish households, Energia has extended the offer until 30th September.

Out of home was an excellent advertising medium to promote this offer from Energia. Planned by Vizeum and Source, the campaign ran on Adshel and reached key potential consumers via transport and roadside.

September 10, 2014
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The Bar with more Bite is Back

Nestlé’s Lion Peanut Bar ran on out of home advertising in cycle 17, and we’re loving the vibrant creative!

The bar with more bite looks very tasty on ooh and ran on a variety of outdoor formats to target key audiences, such as commuters and shoppers. These formats included 6 Sheets, Supersides, Retail Adtowers and DigiTowers.

Lion Bar 2

September 9, 2014
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TUC bring home the bacon on out of home

TUC Bacon

Valeo Foods have brightened up ooh advertising with a colourful campaign to promote their new TUC Bacon biscuits.

A bright yellow stands out on the creative in this campaign, with bold blue and red colours making the copy lines very prominent on the poster.

Planned by Starcom and Source out of home, TUC’s ‘Bring Home the Bacon’ promotion ran on 48 Sheets, Adshel and Adshel Single Wraps. The campaign has certainly brightened up our day and made us tuc in to bacon-flavoured TUC!

September 9, 2014
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Green bottle on the wall


Kronenbourg 1664 has made a welcome return to the out of home scene.

The highest selling French beer brand in the world has been sold in Ireland by Diageo since late 2013. Cycle 17 marked the first appearance by the brand on out of home in Ireland for more than 20 years and an example of their previous work can be seen above.

The current campaign can be seen on Adshel and Metropanel 6 Sheets, Pub A1 units and on the Upright panel in Donnybrook, Dublin.

Carat and Source out of home planned the campaign with creative by John Street.

September 9, 2014
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