Lidl use exotic ooh for their new Vitasia range

Lidl Special C12 2014 2

Lidl launched their Vitasia range of Asian cuisine into stores nationwide on Monday, 9th June, which includes tempting appetisers like Tempura Prawns and Chicken Bombay Skewers, delicious rice and noodle dishes and traditional Chinese desserts.

As part of their advertising campaign for this exotic new food range, Lidl have used some adventurous ooh. The centrepiece of the campaign is a 3D wrap of a city centre bus shelter on Townsend St, where the roof has been built in a traditional Asian style to reflect the new Vitasia range. In addition to the 3D bus shelter special, other formats used in this campaign were Adshels, CommuterPoints and City Impacts.

This campaign was planned by MediaWorks and Source out of home and the 3D special build was created by Delite Global.

June 16, 2014
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