Budweiser goes out of home in their World Cup campaign


Budweiser, the official beer sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, has used out of home advertising to highlight the strong creative in their “Rise as One” campaign.

With the World Cup having kicked off in Brazil on 12th June, brands such as Budweiser are keen to make use of the global excitement surrounding the event. The basis of the “Rise as One” campaign is a “fully integrated, global content series” centred on the theme of honouring “the moments that unite football fans worldwide.” As part of this campaign, Budweiser has created a “Rise as One” microsite that serves as a hub for all video and social content surrounding the World Cup.

To promote this innovative marketing campaign, Budweiser have used the power of out of home as a key advertising format. Including 48 sheets, Adshels and Metropanels, Budweiser have used a variety of strong creative on their posters, which includes images of people reacting to World Cup games, i.e. rising as one over the excitement of the 2014 World Cup.

We really like this marketing campaign from Budweiser. The strong creative coincides with the strong message behind the campaign – everyone can rise as one and enjoy the anticipation of the World Cup. And what better beer to have while watching the football? Why, Budweiser, of course!

This campaign was planned by Carat and Source out of home.

June 16, 2014
Posted in: Recent Campaigns
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