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Latest News
#TimeToPlay with National Lottery

Lottery 2016

National Lottery is running an OOH campaign on large and premium formats in cycle 16, around the theme of now is the ‘Time to Play’ in the lotto.

Planned by Starcom and Source out of home, National Lottery is advertising on 240 Sheets, 96 Sheets, Golden Squares, plus special formats including an Upright Backlit 48 Sheet. National Lottery is also live on Digital OOH, including dPods, DigiTower, Green Screen and Transvision. The campaign is running two creative designs, both by DDFH&B. The digital element of the campaign enables National Lottery to change its copy throughout the cycle, promoting the rolling jackpot total and encouraging passers-by to play before the draws.

August 10, 2016


The Hub

Source out of home Ireland welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the accountability and added value benefits of our range of bespoke tools and services. These form the basis of benchmarking and setting the highest of standards and quality control for all pre and post campaign activity for our clients.





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Before Your Campaign:

Planning is key. Choosing the right formats, the right locations and the right combinations will be the difference between success and failure in your Out of Home campaign. The client service team at Source out of home have the experience and tools to help them plan the best campaigns in the market.


During Your Campaign:

When our campaigns are on the streets, we understand that our clients need to know that they have been implemented to plan. They need to know all sites have been posted on time and in the correct locations. Through Poster Audit Bureau, we have the people and processes to get this information to our clients.


After Your Campaign:

Our commitment to our campaigns does not end when the campaign has run its course. We have invested heavily over many years into researching the effectiveness of our campaigns and in providing the most up to date market information available.


Louise Enright

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Senior Account Manager

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Client Service Executive

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Director Source OOH N.I

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Senior Account Manager

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